When we started COMMU in 2001, we wanted to do more than helping you buy/sell house or office. We wanted to help you live more comfortably while saving energy and money. Long run, we wanted to build better “COMMU”nity.

We first focus to meet your needs and take good care of your buy/sell/lease transactions. That’s how we have been able to close every single deal since 2001. Whenever appropriate, we point out simple and economical ways to save energy in your house/office.

If you are interested in saving more by doing more, we now can connect you to local energy contractors who share our values. First, conservation, second, energy efficient upgrades, then, renewable energy implementations.
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Renko Tomlinson

I am a managing member of COMMU LLC.
I focus on residential and small commercial deals.
I also manage program for North TX Renewable Energy Group.
I consider myself a real estate broker with energy geek’s heart.